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Our selection of products enables us to accommodate companies at every level as they continually grow to meet the needs of an ever-changing, competitive industry.

Two Way Radios

Rugged and durable enough to handle the work environment while providing clear communication. Portable with multiple coverage areas to suit various needs. Delivering user friendly communication fast.

LTE Device

A broadband connection can offer diverse intelligence relied on by first responders. Everything from records to statistics, video to real-time correspondence, this line of devices is simple yet rugged.


A little comfort, convenience, and adaptation goes a long way when it comes to efficient daily function. Customize your systems and tools to make your products work with as much passion as you.


Schools are one way we invest in and protect our future. Let’s make sure they are well protected in a time of crisis.

System & Networks

Reliably connecting people, agencies, and information using the latest in devices.

Dispatch Communications

The tools to help first responders get information accurately

LTE Broadband

Devices, smart applications, and broadband offer instant information, improved safety, and innovative ways of making connections.


Two-way radio that incorporates data communication, integrated voice with exceptional quality to get the job done.

Project 25 (P25) Systems

When safety is the standard, you want a partner not just a purchase. This customizable platform is always ready.


Using this platform you can optimize communication devices and software to monitor and control the equipment for your business.
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