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The tools and solutions to help first responders get information fast, accurately, and in a manner that works with the way they do.

Dispatch Consoles

Empowering information takers to instantly coordinate with responding decision makers giving seamless and accurate support when it’s needed most.

Fire Station Alerting

Increase alert efficiency, and response time with features that manage station automation and reduce occupant anxiety.

Dispatch Console Accessories

Microphones, Jackboxes, Foot Switch Pedals, and Noise Cancelling Headsets. These are the tools that will enhance your console with the comfort and control needed whatever the task.

Voice Logging Recorders

Verbatim communication data retrievable from radio or phone to research, recreate, or improve productivity.

Integrated Command and Control

PremierOne Suite helps you receive, correlate, and share information across multiple systems using the CAD application.


Devices, smart applications, and broadband offer instant information, improved safety, and innovative ways of making connections.

Broadband Fixed Infrastructure

Be better informed for optimal preparation and response with real time capabilities like sensors, location detection, video, and tactical collaboration.

Broadband Portable Infrastructure

Access real time information when and where you need it most from body worn, in-vehicle, aerial, quick set up, or easily carried.

Broadband Priority Manager and Preemption

When networks can slow due to over-congestion, this system is constantly adjusting based on the situation to provide the best service by prioritizing critical users over non-essential communication even on secure networks.

Broadband Systems Equipment

A wide range of controls, tools, monitoring, and provisioning to maximize the broadband your rely on.

Broadband Operations Support Systems

Continuous fault monitoring, diagnostics, configuring, and maintenance capabilities across your network system.

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE)

New capabilities treat voice as a data service and include HD voice, multimedia video calls, chat, and text across groups of users.


Specifically designed for your business, now and in the future. Two-way radio that incorporates data communication, integrated voice with exceptional quality, and digital technology with increased capacity to get the job done.

MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radio Infrastructure

An offering of products that will maximize the potential of your two-way radio system to increase your communication function and scalability.

MOTOTRBO Commercial Radio Systems

Monthly airtime service provided by Motorola channel partners can keep your team connected wherever the job takes them, while offering affordable and reliable voice and data communication.

MOTOTRBO System Applications

Applications that enhance your radio system and improve your company’s capability.

MOTOTRBO Private Systems

A variety of single and multi-site digital trunking systems that offer expanded area coverage, optimal communication for high user volume, and innovation from real world feedback.

ASTRO 25 Network Configurations


When safety is the standard, you want a partner not just a purchase. This customizable platform is ready for now and ready for the future.

Site Equipment

Tools to build a site as unique and powerful as your business. Simplify and optimize site design while maximizing channel up-time and minimizing ownership costs. Make adding new features to your existing system as easy as software installations and downloads.

STATEWIDE / REGIONAL- Trunking & Conventional

One configuration to manage trunked, conventional, Integrated data, Enhanced data, HPD, and SmartX sites using the most flexible P25 Core.


Tailor configurations to meet your needs with the ASTRO 25 Trunked System. Control and manage your communications with the ASTRO 25 Conventional System.


APX Series P25 Two-way Radios

Unlimited, secure, versatile, and ready to face the challenges regardless of the job. Large displays and buttons for ease of use with gloves or in critical response situations.

Mobile Intelligence

Connecting networks, applications, and devices to compile information that law enforcement can draw from when and where they need it.

Dispatch Communications

The tools and solutions to help first responders get information fast, accurately, and in a manner that works with the way they do.

ASTRO 25 Applications and Software Solutions

Establish, maintain, improve, and update your communication more efficiently over wider areas.


Using this platform you can optimize communication devices and software to monitor and control the equipment for your business. Automate data organization, watch real time correction results, and receive alerts across multiple devices to maximize efficiency, safety, and productivity.

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit

Connect across a range of communication media and data processing protocols by automating the monitoring of your business’s complex processes. Grow at the speed of business with confidence in our processor and your connection.

ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit

Automate processes and monitoring across large areas with connected devices offering timely alerts and system controls, so you can be there even when you’re not. Get diverse applications and data communication in a compact package without the expense of total technology replacement.

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