Plymouth Hope Festival


Initiated in 2009, the Festival by Plymouth Hope FC aimed to nurture community bonds and social harmony. Using football as the centrepiece, alongside music, art, children’s activities, and a culinary journey spanning the UK and beyond, we sought to unite people in celebrating diversity and mutual appreciation of cultures. Since its inception, the event has evolved to honour the invaluable contributions of refugees in the UK, becoming a hallmark celebration attracting up to 2,000 attendees each year. In 2011, with the collaboration of numerous partners, the festival assumed the role of inaugurating the city’s Refugee Week, echoing its success nationwide. In 2015, this event was formally recognized as the city’s largest multicultural event by the Lord Mayor. Our efforts have garnered significant media coverage, featuring in both national and local outlets such as BBC Spotlight, BBC Radio, and ITV News. Additionally, our online presence boasts over 1,000 dedicated followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with our 2018 Facebook event alone garnering over 20,000 engagements.

Festival Ambassadors

Our Festival Ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting and supporting the event. They are passionate individuals who believe in the festival’s mission of fostering community cohesion and celebrating cultural diversity. Their involvement helps amplify our message and reach a broader audience.

How it all started

The Plymouth Hope Festival began with a simple yet powerful idea: to use football and cultural activities as tools to bring people together. In 2009, Plymouth Hope FC organized the first event, combining sports, music, art, and food to create a vibrant celebration of diversity. The positive response and growing participation each year have turned this festival into a beloved community tradition.


The primary aims of the Plymouth Hope Festival are to:

  • Foster community cohesion and social harmony
  • Celebrate and appreciate cultural diversity
  • Highlight the contributions of refugees to the UK
  • Provide a platform for cultural exchange and mutual understanding
  • Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome

Past Events

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 12-21-59 Thank you Hope Festival 2018 - Thank you Hope Festival 2018
Plymouth Hope Festival 2018

The 2018 Festival theme was Different Pasts, Shared Future, which celebrated the rich tapestry of diverse histories while fostering a sense of unity and collective destiny. Held in a vibrant, multicultural setting, the event featured an array of activities including storytelling sessions, cultural performances, and art exhibitions that highlighted the unique heritages of various communities. Workshops and panel discussions facilitated meaningful conversations on how understanding and respecting different pasts can build a cohesive and inclusive future. The festival was a joyous and enlightening experience, bridging gaps and creating a shared vision of harmony and collaboration.

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How it all started

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Festival 2024

This year’s festival promises an array of entertainment, including musicians, performers, children’s activities, football teams, art and cultural exhibits, and a delectable assortment of global cuisine. Join us for a day filled with joy, learning, and community spirit as we continue to celebrate diversity and unity.

Festival Workshops

Our Festival Workshops offer interactive and educational experiences for attendees of all ages. These workshops cover a variety of topics, including cultural crafts, dance, music, and more. Participants have the opportunity to learn new skills, explore different cultures, and engage with others in meaningful ways. Join us in these hands-on sessions to enrich your festival experience.

Festival Sponsors

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