Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to our principles and vision of making a meaningful impact in our community. As beneficiaries and service users ourselves, we leverage our lived experiences to ensure our support is both need-led and beneficiary-focused. We are united in our belief in equity and the creation of a more equal world. Meet the leaders who guide our mission.

How it all started

Plymouth Hope was founded by David Feindouno, who arrived in Plymouth as an asylum seeker in October 2008. Driven by his passion to combat boredom and isolation among fellow asylum seekers, David organized the first football session, which drew 54 participants from over 20 nationalities, including asylum seekers, refugees, local residents, international students, and migrant workers. With support from others, they conducted four football sessions per week for six months, leading to the establishment of Plymouth Hope FC. This initiative was followed by the inaugural Plymouth Hope Festival in June 2009 and the official registration of Plymouth Hope Charity in August 2013.

Lifetime Ambassadors

We have grown by and through the actions of amazing individuals who not only believe in our vision, but have made significant contributions to the start and existence of our programmes

  •  Recardo McDowell
  • Scott Little
  • William Turner
  • Graeme Kirkup
  • Hayley Kemp
  • David Johns
  • Rupert Blomfield
  • Jasim Wale
  •  William Richard Budge
  • Sophie Joyce

Our Impact

Our numbers can help you understand our overall impact

Below is a summary of our achievements and impacts

Plymouth Hope Organisation

Plymouth Hope is a charitable organisation run by inspiring and dedicated volunteers from all walks of life who all believe in social equality and equity. We recognise the social and health benefits of well-being (Social & Physical Activities; Exercise & Psychosocial support), and we work hard to ensure that children and young people have no barriers to access. Where necessary we provide advocacy and advocate on behalf of the voiceless to get the basic support they need to live with dignity.
To give hope to future generations by fostering social cohesion and equality and create opportunities to access basic rights and entitlements, including information, advice, healthcare, education, the deserving right to wellbeing, and an equal world for all.
To seek hope for the less disadvantaged and forgotten: To foster social and community cohesion between different ethnic groups and implement sustainable programmes and life changing services.
Acceptance – Dignity – Equity – Inclusiveness. We believe that any HOPE must be felt; HOPE must be seen; HOPE lies on achievable socio-economic outcomes. To meet our values, we ensure that the following principles are at the core of our work and beneficiaries are at the centre of our work.

Where we work


UK programmes are delivered in Plymouth with activities reaching beneficiaries around Devon and Cornwall. Our advocacy work aims to reach to people across the South West and nationally. Our advocacy is working in partnership with regional and national organisation.


We are currently supporting projects based in Kenya, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast.
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