Wellbeing & Active Life

Wellbeing Strategy

Our Wellbeing Strategy is designed to foster the holistic development of our participants. By addressing physical, emotional, and social needs, we create a supportive environment that promotes overall health and wellness. Our strategy integrates various programs to ensure comprehensive support for every individual.

Sport & Physical Activity

We offer a diverse range of sports and physical activities to encourage active lifestyles and improve physical health. Our programs include regular exercise sessions, team sports, and fitness workshops, tailored to meet the needs and interests of our participants, fostering both physical fitness and social connections.

Social Activity

Our social activities are designed to build a sense of community and enhance social well-being. Through organized events, group outings, and recreational activities, we provide opportunities for participants to connect, build friendships, and strengthen their social networks.

Healthy Eating

We promote healthy eating habits by providing access to nutritious meals and fostering a sense of community through our bi-weekly “Social Friday” events. During these gatherings, we offer fresh, healthy meals for families and organize activities for children, ensuring everyone enjoys nutritious food in a supportive and engaging environment.

Psychosocial Support

Our psychosocial support services aim to enhance mental health and emotional well-being. We offer counselling, support groups, and stress management workshops to help participants navigate life’s challenges, build resilience, and maintain a positive outlook.

Sport & Physical Activity

Our Sport & Physical Activity programs are designed to encourage active lifestyles and promote physical health among our participants.

About HopExercice: This is a concept we have developed to support the creation of various sport clubs and to run an active life campaign among our target beneficiaries. HopExercice aims to make physical activity accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Bicycle Club

Our Bicycle Club promotes fitness and environmental awareness through regular group cycling sessions. Participants of all skill levels are welcome to join and explore the joys of cycling while building endurance and camaraderie.

Tennis Club

The Tennis Club provides an opportunity for participants to learn and play tennis in a friendly and supportive environment. We offer sessions for all skill levels, helping members improve their game and enjoy this dynamic sport.

Non-Contact Boxing club

Our Non-Contact Boxing Club focuses on fitness, discipline, and self-confidence without the risks of physical contact. Participants engage in boxing techniques, conditioning exercises, and drills to boost their physical and mental strength.

Women Only Exercise

This program offers a safe and welcoming space for women to engage in various fitness activities. From yoga to aerobics, our Women Only Exercise sessions are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our female participants.

Swimming Club

The Swimming Club provides access to swimming lessons and recreational swimming opportunities. Participants can improve their swimming skills, enjoy the water, and benefit from a full-body workout in a supportive setting.

Football club

Our Football Club is dedicated to bringing people together through the love of the game. We offer regular training sessions and matches for players of all ages and skill levels, promoting teamwork, fitness, and community spirit.

Social Friday

Social Friday is a bi-weekly event where we provide fresh, healthy meals for families in the community. These gatherings foster a sense of togetherness and offer a platform for social interaction. In addition to the meals, we organize engaging activities for children, ensuring a fun and supportive environment for all attendees.

Social Activities

Our Social Activities are designed to build a strong sense of community and enhance the social well-being of our participants. We organize a variety of events, including group outings, recreational activities, and social gatherings, providing opportunities for individuals to connect, build friendships, and enjoy shared experiences.

Healthy Eating

We promote healthy eating habits through initiatives that provide access to nutritious meals and educational resources. Our bi-weekly “Social Friday” events feature fresh meals for families, combined with activities for children, creating a supportive environment where healthy food choices are encouraged and enjoyed by the entire community.

Wellbeing & HopExercise Centre

We have a dedicated wellbeing centre as part of our HopExercice Campaign. The centre has a small gym and space for exercices such as yoga and one to one work out. The idea for a centre initially came to provide space for women only sessions and we offer a unique centre closed to women only on dedicated days and times

Hope FC

Hope FC is our football club dedicated to uniting individuals through the sport of football. We offer regular training sessions and matches for players of all ages and skill levels. Hope FC not only promotes physical fitness but also fosters teamwork, community spirit, and a sense of belonging among its members.

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