Plymouth Hope


We aim to recruit international and local volunteers to implement sports programmes in schools and in underprivileged communities. Volunteers work on activities including physical educational programmes, organised sport activities in schools and after schools hours, sport festivals and the development of local community sport clubs.

Sport is the world most powerful communication tool due to its near universal appeal, its convening power and its many positive associations. As a powerful channel to communicate messages, we use football to promote peace and development (health; education).

Football is a growing sport which opens doors of opportunities to young people and families. Many have that God given talent, but they lack the right support to use it should they have a choice to do so. Our football programmes will be designed to give those with special skills, but excluded from society or without opportunities, the chance to excel themselves and move on to the next level where they could forge a career.

We constantly seek partnership with local and professional clubs around the world. To help us deliver this programme, please contact us.

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