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The Football Club

Our participants and beneficiaries have talked. We have listened and adapted our interventions priorities to ensure that all ages; genders are benefitting from our work and all range of disadvantages are addressed.

We now have a sport & play intervention strategy delivered to all without discrimination. Our football programme remains our primary sport delivery intervention.

Visit our Plymouth Hope Football Club project to find out about daily and weekly project taking place in Plymouth and across Devon.

Girls & Women

From June 2015, we are going to enter various partnerships to create sport and play opportunities for girls and women from our intervention areas and target groups.

We are also going to take into account different cultural barriers to sport and run women only sessions found most appropriate to engage everyone without discrimination.

Women sport and play intervention will be a range of sporting activities. We will directly deliver football; swimming; Dance and kick boxing sessions. Please contact us for more details.

Children & Young People

We run a specific programme for children and young people as part of our intervention. Please visit our youth programme page.

While football remains our key delivery sport, we have now set up a youth intercultural club aimed at creating a diverse sporting opportunities as part of our sport & play strategy.

Street Games Partnership

In partnership with the Plymouth City Council Sport Development Unit we are delivering the street games sessions in the Lipson area as part of our sport and play programme.

Session are mixture of outdoor football sessions and futsal specific skills followed by matches.

Participants from these sessions are also referred to our other integration and mentoring programme.

For more details about sessions, please contact us.

Open Community Sessions

Our sessions are also made to create opportunities where people can join in any time regardless of their sporting ability  or social backgrounds.

Open community sessions are the right place where people can meet new people, meet people from the same the same background, someone who speaks the same language.

We have sessions on different days. For more information, please contact Us.
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