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Plymouth Hope is a charitable organisation run by inspiring and dedicated volunteers from all walk of lives who all believe in social equality. We recognise the social and health benefits of football and we work hard to make sure that children and young people in the UK and around the world have access to play the beautiful game. We thrive for a  just and inclusive society in the UK and for peace and development in the most troubled and poorest countries around the world.

Our first project is a community club made up of members from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds and from a host of countries from across the world. The diverse mix of teams means that we play with a unique style and flair, like no other! We come from places such as: Afghanistan, Guinea, Iran, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Romania, Sudan, Iraq, Uzbekistan and of course name but a few. Some of us have come to Plymouth through difficult circumstances, and some of us have simply grown up and lived here all our life. To us, your background simply doesn't matter. We all have a right to be in Plymouth and we all have the opportunity to play for a great football club.

The majority of players have very limited access to funds or earning opportunities due to their status in the UK, therefore the aim of the project is to provide most activities free of charge or at low cost. For those who can and/or are earning a wage, we ask them to contribute to the on-going and extensive costs of running the football projects.

We thrive to implement our aims, objectives and values in all our projects in the UK and around the world.

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