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Our History


The Plymouth Hope was founded by David Feindouno who had arrived in the city of Plymouth in October 2008. He launched the organisation first football activities with Scott Little in February 2009. The initial objectives were to bring people from different ethnic group together through the playing of football. The primary target was, but not exclusively asylum seekers, refugees and other new comers in the city. The sessions became very popular with an average attendance of thirty people per session ranging from over fifteen nationalities.


The project took momentum with some enthusiastic volunteers joining forces with founding members. They saw and realised first hand the benefit of football and have since used it as a tool to foster social cohesion and promote an equal society. Adult from the first project entered a local football league with their first season from August 2010, carrying with the same aims of bringing various nationalities and the host community together.
The same year, they launched the Plymouth Hope Football Festival. A football tournament and family fun day to implement the organisation social inclusion aims by bringing football fanatics and families together.


In addition to our on-going activities, many volunteers attended local primary school to raise racial awareness, help eliminate stigma around difference and promote social inclusion. The organisation had achieved many awards for the work accomplished in Plymouth and Devon and adopted a development plan to introduce youth teams with the same aims and objectives as part of the football project.


After two seasons in the league with the adult participants, we launched the youth project to benefit children and young people from the most deprived areas of the city. Over the past years, we built strong partnership with other local charities. Advocacy for equal opportunities for everyone to access regular sport and the battle to eradicate racism out of football became our come work.

The children and young people football activities was first supported by Sported. Following a great success, we launched a football and mentoring programme supported by the the BBC Children in Needs.


In January 2013, the founder felt the vision and the need to use the experience gained in Devon by using football as a tool over the years to help underprivileged communities around the world. "What we have managed to do over the years is so inspiring for ourselves and communities around us in Plymouth that we owe it to inspire more people in Devon and contribute in the lives of poorer communities where the majority of our beneficiaries originate from".

To implement the vision, in August 2013 trustees adopted new aims and and the Charity was officially registered in England and wales in August 2013.
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Our charitable work is for the benefit of people of Devon and poor communities in Sub-Saharan Africa,  south Asia and other areas in poorer countries where the trustees would find fit.
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