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We work using football as a tool to deliver our two main programmes.

Raise awareness about global illnesses such as HIV/Aids; Malaria; Epilepsy. This is done through a series of football and health programmes delivered in schools and via public festivals and football tournaments and countries where we operate.

Contribute in the advancement of health. Our main target is to support existing health centre supporting the poorest and help build health centres.

We work in partnership with government education and heath departments and we follow the UN millennium development goals strategy

Our current health programmes

Access to primary healthcare

Rural and underprivileged communities do not have primary health care and they are out of reach of their regional health systems. Our work consists of supporting local doctors to enable them to reach out to rural areas and provide medical treatment to those communities. 

Purchase bicycles and motorbikes for health professionals

Provide  vehicle and ambulances to health centres

Equip health centres with ophtalmologic and laboratory materiels  

These materials enable health professionals to reach out patients in villages far out of reach and help towns local health centres to evacuate urgent cases to their regional hospitals. 

First Aid

First Aid skills save lives on daily basis, but yet the most underprivileged do not have these skills to help save lives. We are launching First Aid campaigns in countries where we have local partners; we will train professionals and volunteers to train hundreds of volunteers in schools, sport facilities and in communities. The campaign will be promoted through sporting events and we will advocate its importance with governments and relevant authorities.


85 % of people around the world suffering from Epilepsy reside in developing countries with Africa having 10 million. Yet progress has been slow with the treatment gap estimated to be around 80 to 85 % due to, lack of specialised personnel, insufficiency of material, lack of drugs or high cost of drugs, cultural interpretation, sub natural affliction - Traditional healers. Our program aim to work with local health professionals to help raise awareness about epilepsy and help those suffering from the illness.

Epilepsy is often not curable, but the stigmatisation of it in African countries, the lack of awareness on how to handle those crisis in educational, health and public settings, has made it impossible for those suffering from it to live a normal life. Epilepsy is still stigmatised in African culture.

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