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Volunteer4Hope scheme

Our overseas aid work will maintain direct links with projects in Devon through our Volunteer4Hope scheme. This is a scheme aimed at providing volunteers to help deliver our project abroad and mainly carry out core work such as evaluations and needs assessments with local groups. The scheme has two main aims:
  • To inspire and empower volunteers from primarily Devon other part of the South West and across the UK.

Our program will seek to inspire young people from Devon to take advantage and make use of opportunities offered to them in order to empower them to tackle issues at their doorsteps. We strongly believe that a young person, who has made a massive difference by helping others, can use the same abilities and passion to face any challenges that arise at home. Volunteers are expected to learn life experiences that would also help their own personal development.

  • To help the charity unique and innovative ways of delivering aid works, this is a direct involvement of both beneficiaries and donors/supporters on the ground.

We will have accountability, transparency and measurement as per our core values in our development work. Our unique way of ensuring that this is embedded is to get people from the UK to not only see the impact of their aids, but to actually help evaluate the programmes. Those volunteers would be better placed at telling our UK donors the impact of their donations in people lives.

All our programmes will seek to provide volunteers to travel abroad once every year for summer projects and provide teachers all year round where we have education projects.

Join our Africa 2015. Our Africa 2015 team is looking for volunteers to teach English; specialist doctors to work in our partner's health care facilities, first aid tutors and sport coaches and individuals who would like to be inspired while helping poorest populations.

We will deliver key health and education projects by working in partnership with our partners in Africa throughout the year, helped by our Volunteer4Hope teams from mainly Devon and other part of the UK.

We are seeking individuals in the following capacity:
  • Teaching English
  • University & Colleges Gap year students with transferable skills
  • Health Specialists
  • Sport educators including football coaches
  • First Aid tutors
  • Capaticity building tutors

Other skills are also welcome. Please contact us to find out more about our volunteer4Hope scheme programme.

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