Plymouth Hope

Education programmes


We live in an interconnected world thank you to the progress in information technologies and internet. Some countries in the third world have just woken up to the huge advantages that the world of technologies can provide for their development. 

There are many underprivileged young people who gain access to university education without any IT knowledge and lack opportunities to discover the internet world or never used a computer. Our programme is designed to work in partnership with key UK partners to provide IT equipment’s and internet access to the poorest around the world. 

Through our volunteering4hope scheme, we send volunteers across the world to teach IT skills to young people in schools and poorest areas.

We continue to support schools libraries by providing IT equipments.


English is the most spoken language in the world and constitute a key skill to have a better job opportunity locally and around the world. Yet access to English classes is still a luxury for many young people and students in poor countries. Many are excluded due to their social and economic class and the poorest just have no opportunity to learn. 

Our program aim to recruit international and local volunteers to offer well structured English classes to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the language. 

Access to Primary Education

We aim to support our local partner organisation to increase children and young girls to get into primary education.

Equip schools and orphanages libraries 

Sponsor individual children and young people to reach higher education level

Build education and sport centres

Football and Primary Education

We aim to work with educational governmental department and football associations to initiate a football in primary education curriculum

Our programme aims to train local teachers and volunteers to deliver weekly football activities to as many young people as possible
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