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We continue to run our core programmes in Plymouth. We use sport programmes as a tool to promote health; community cohesion for the benefit of socially excluded inhabitants of Plymouth and mainly to build trust with all our members which is key for our programmes of promoting and fostering racial harmony.  Our sport programmes will also be used through mentoring to help tackle problems such as juvenile delinquency and racial abuses. 

Third Party Reporting Centre

What is Hate Crime?

A crime motivated by racial, sexual orientation, religious or other prejudice, typically involving violence.
Plymouth Hope advocate for a world without any form of discrimination. The Equality Act protects individuals from various forms of discrimination.
Hate crime is against the law and we work to ensure that people know what a hate crime is and as a third party reporting centre, we offer our help to any victims.
-       Report an incident on behalf of your loved ones
-       You can report in any language
-       You can remain anonymous
-       We ensure that you receive full explanation about police procedures

To report a hate incident in absolute confidentiality please contact us and you can also visit the city 

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