Plymouth Hope


Plymouth Hope aims to play an influential role locally and in the region to work towards the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of race in primarily football and other sport related activities.

We also support our partner organisations using our expertise to help eradicate racially motivated discrimination in educational institutions (local colleges & universities), health institutions, equality in employment opportunities and any other public agency or authority.

What Is Advocacy For US!

We define advocacy as speaking on behalf of someone, speaking to obtain people rights and entitlements, supporting good policies,  supporting a cause/policy to achieve racial harmony. We intend to strongly advocate on behalf of the victims and empower them to speak up.

Our Advocacy work!

Our advocacy is aimed at helping individuals to access services, by helping to build up their confidence in reporting discrimination and abuse. We will listen to the victims of racial discrimination and sign post them to the right organisations to speak and seek justice on their behalf.

To report a racially motivated incidents and crime or if you have been discriminated against based on racial grounds, our beneficiaries and the wider public can contact us by simply filling our Third reporting centre form. We also signpost cases to the local Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council.

Advocate eradicating racism in local football setting

We aim to work closely with the Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council, the football association, Kick It Out and other relevant organisations to eradicate racism in football in Plymouth and across Devon.

Over the years, we have learnt through our football projects that delaying and refusing to report racial abuses in football is simply denying others the right and opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game open to everyone.

To report a football related racially motivated incidents, send us the Football4U form in all confidentiality.

Equal Sporting Opportunities

We will use our advocacy programme to advocate for equal sporting opportunities for people living in the most deprived areas of the city and those socially excluded.

Our programmes aim to give regular playing opportunities to the less unfortunate. If you feel excluded or without the opportunity or would like to refer someone to us, please contact us.

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